It is the age of the digital camera and they are getting better and better. Because of this many people believe they can do just a good a job as a professional with their very clever camera. Yes, they do acheive good photographs but there is nothing like a professional photograph for those special occasions.

Professionals who know how to compose a sitting, understand aperture, speed and lighting to get the best possible result. Milestones in life should always be remembered with good quality professional photographs, births, christenings, important birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc.

Time goes by so quickly in the ever increasing hectic lifestyles we lead today that important moments are easily forgotten. Even having exceptionally good headshots for that all important webpage could reap rewards....

When choosing a photographer, make sure they have a proven track record and choose photographers who belong to and are qualified by a leading UK professional organisations such as The Master Photographers Association or the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, look at other client testimonials and choose a photographer with the right experience.

Try not to go for the cheapest, giving free sittings and free products, no-one works for nothing...each sitting requires a good few hours work, not only photographing but in the editing and proofing..Just be vary wary!


Head Shots

Unhappy about your photo on websites, social media etc???

  • Mini portrait sitting will take off years while you wait
  • Retouching service removing lines, wrinkles, blemishes enhance your natural beauty
  • See the portraits change on computer instantly to your complete satisfaction
  • Take away up to 5 chosen high resolution images immediately
  • JUST £60 for the sitting and the retouched images on either a CD or USB

Full Studio Sitting

  • Good selection of varied shots against several different backgrounds
  • Natural and studio lighting
  • Any variety of small groupings acceptable, family individual, siblings
  • Change of clothes acceptable
  • Digital editing and retouching of all prints
  • An online secure password protected gallery

£50 for one hour studio sitting.
£65 for 1 hour location sitting within 3 miles of studio.


5 x 7 in folder mount: £15
One 5 x7 and 4 small prints in folder mounts or mini desk top acrylic: £25
10 x 8 in folder mount: £25.00
Desk top acrylic containing one 4 x 5 photograph: £25.00 (5 x 7 £25.00)

Digital Images

Individual high resolution image: £25.00
Complete set up to 30 high resolution images on CD/USB: £150.00
Other prices available upon request

Lifestyle Photography

Up to 40 high resolution images on a USB, including a minimum of:
1 hour photo shoot in a park within 5 miles of the studio: £225.00
Mini Sitting: 30 minutes photoshoot including up to 20 images: £175.00

All prices carry a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.